9 Tips to write a good essay:

Relevant- Your essay should be relevant to the topic and you should focus only on writing don’t let your thoughts wander as this might result in your essay getting diverted from the given topic. Think about how you want to convey your essay and keep your focus only on it.

Read and acquire knowledge of subjects- For writing about anything you should first have a basic knowledge about that topic and to have that basic knowledge you can read more and more especially non-fiction books and newspapers as it helps you to develop a mature thought process and enhances your vocabulary and grammar. Also, while reading if you come across a new word then google it, understand its meaning and try to use it in sentences. This helps to improve your vocabulary which in turn would be helpful to crack the Kerala PSC exam.

Make it sound interesting- Your essays should be interesting so that you can grab the examiner’s attention as it increases your chance of getting good scores. Do not make the examiner bored with unnecessary stories or personal stuff, include them only if it’s related to the topic. Also, don’t rant just stick to the topic.

Avoid using too much jargon and long sentences- Use of jargon is good in limited quantity don’t overuse them instead use simple terms as it makes the examiner understand easily. If a sentence can be written in short then don’t complicate it by making it long, this makes the writing boring and difficult to understand. Just keep your sentences short and powerful.

Avoid grammatical errors- Grammar is the art of putting the right words in the right places. Use proper tense while writing and use singular and plural verbs in proper context as it impacts the quality of your writing.

Logical sequence of thoughts- Don’t jump from explaining one thought to another without any logic associated with them. Each paragraph should be in sync logically from beginning to the end, one after the other. You can do that easily either by adding a link to the end sentence of a para so that the examiner can know what’s coming next or you can end a para by a question so that the examiner’s attention is carried to the next paragraph.

Using quotes if possible- Try to use quotes as it makes your writing powerful but there is no need to memorize complex quotes or words for writing a good essay. Although occasional use of a powerful word or a good phrase gives an edge to your essay.

Body paragraphs- Each para should have a logical connection to the opening paragraph. Any para should not sound opposite or out of context to the initial paragraph.

Practise- Ultimately practice makes a man perfect! Reading non-fiction books, magazines and newspapers help you to understand various types of writings and how to use them to make examiner gripped till the end. Practice writing different kinds of essays to stay accustomed to them.

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